A Made in the USA manufacturer of surgical masks during the 2020 pandemic


A high-tech company working with quantum entanglement.

Character Demo

A brief demo of range of characters by Jason Mann

Industries Demo

Various industry specific demos

Lutema's Reunion Ad

Client: MI Technologies, Inc.
Production Team: M2Z, LLC./Wolf Team Productions, Inc.
Written & Produced by Eddie Phanichkul
Directed by Victoria Hoffman

Notes On Work

Directed by Victoria Hoffman, this commercial was completed in one day. Voice Over script was written in advance and was sent to me to perform in my home studio due to the pandemic. 

Qubitekk's Corporate Explainer 

Client & Production: Qubitekk, Inc.

Notes on Work

Qubitekk is a technology company that needed an edgy, but corporate voice to their quantum computing pursuits. This narrated corporate explainer helped them to land a government grant for their quantum entanglement application.

Character Demo

Range of Characters

Industries Demo

A Demo by Industry

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